When one becomes so high, that they think a broom is a cat or dog and begin to pet it.
"I got so high last night I was on broom-petting level! I kept petting my broom thinking it was my cat."
by lar snort September 14, 2019
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Broomrape is an act of sexual assault with a broom handle, usually followed by the brush, depending on the slackness of the victim. Originally used as a sadomasochistic act of foreplay, it is now more commonly used as a way of describing an convincing victory.
Joe yes jill you know that janitor neil yes he just broom raped me
by Urban king 666 November 13, 2019
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A type of bedside assistance provide by Olympic Curlers with strong abs and groins. May involve ice, rye and spooning.
In one of those bitchy moods where I'm considering calling broom service.
by CapnWordsmith November 16, 2015
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When someone is texting you and you’re sad and have nothing else to say (🧹Broom shit🧹)
Friend:Hey wanna FaceTime??
Me: 🧹Broom shit🧹
by Braddx January 4, 2021
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When you hold your balls in-between your legs and then hold your dick in your hand. It forms a broomstick.
Sometimes I got to ride the broom stick when me and the boys play quidditch.
by Finnz April 5, 2021
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Did you see the guy in the jeans shorts with the huge ball broom?
by mathmonkey March 11, 2009
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"Your friend likes to clean alot, huh?"
"Yeah! We call him fruit of the broom!"
".... Oh. That's.... original."
by TeeJayDubDub February 10, 2022
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