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Lets keep it real; only about a 1,000 people *wordwide*, have this name, so if you meet one, your lucky af. shes suspicious, Watching out, observing when she meets a new person, but that will soon fade. By day, shes cool, quietish, talks to everyone... but by night.. oh lord.
Most Brooke’s or Lynn’s will get Mean. You dont let her have sleep, well... good luck? A Brookelynn has trouble by night and needs someone or something often. Her Red-Brown eyes will stare way benath you, only to get your attention or teasing. A Brookelynn needs a lover that will show affection, but when other people notice him/her looking at A brookelynn, he/she turns away. A Brookelynn tends to go for a quiet, but loud in his/her group, Strong but doesnt care, and will have time to still do their own things kind if guy/girl.
Pov: 1: Hey, i heard Jason THOMAS was talking to a girl and asked her out!

Pov:Probably a Brookelynn Simmons
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