Greg: I wonder what Hulk Hogan would like like in a drag?
Bill: Brooke Hogan
by SexyLexie June 14, 2008
Brooke Hogan couldn't make decent music her way out of a paper bag if her life depended on it.
Brooke Hogan sucks at singing.
by asdf69 September 15, 2007
a wannabe "singer"; daughter of gay ass hulk hogan; used to live in Bellair,Fl now lives in Miami, Fl. She has a really bad single out now with paul wall.
random girl: OMG!! is that brooke hogan?
me: shut yo ugly ass up, she can't sing worth shit
random girl: but she's rich
me: *thinking* true dat!
both of us: HOLY SHIT it's brooke hogan!AHHHHHHHHH!!
can we have a hug plez?

*the above dialouge is only for comic relief*
by st.pete-gurl August 28, 2006
A very fine woman who gives new meaning to the phrase 'baby got back'.
Dayyyyyaaammmmnnn, that Brooke Hogan chick got back!
by TomsRiverNJ December 1, 2007