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a ponytail sported by a bro. can be found on a bro who is drunk and belligerent on the streets, singing cypress hill's "hits from the bong".
Dude A: Check out the bronytail on that bro!
Dude B: Which bro?
Dude A: The one singing Cypress Hill's "Hits From The Bong"!
by Gianfilo April 24, 2008
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A makeshift pony tail composed from a result of unkempt neck hairs. A reverse neck beard.
Woman 1: Did you see the wild neck hairs on that guy?
Woman 2: Yeah, that dude was sporting a full on bronytail.
by starbursting August 09, 2014
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The fear of male ponytails.
"I can't tell but does that guy have a Bronytail?...look now he just turned around!" "Ewww yes he does"
by Drupaul December 31, 2013
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A pony tail made from the lower back hair of a brony.
Stephan braided his Brony Tail before going to the new club, The Purple Dragon.
by CometOps April 08, 2013
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