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When a heteroseuxal guy does something romantic for another hetrosexual guy. Its a bromantic thing to do. Caution bromance is not to be confused with a gay relationship.
Andrew: 'Steve did we just call each other at the same time'
Steve: 'Yeah we did haha'
Andrew: 'Omg that's so Bromantic'
by CautionSteve December 14, 2012
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When two straight men have a close relationship and people think they are really dating. Being bromantic includes going on bro dates and hanging out together.

"Hey tony , you and him huh? "
" ha ha yea we're pretty bromantic "
"Yeah we went and seen the latest batman together, I guess you could say were bromantic "
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by S3aCaD33t March 22, 2016
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Display's of affection between two heterosexual men.
"Oh look! Tome and Mike are drunk and hugging! That's so bromantic!"
by chica buena April 14, 2004
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having a closer than normal relationship with your bro, but still within the confines of No-Homo. Also Bromances also include going out with your bro
"dude kyle and joe are so freaking gay"
" nah, i hear they are just very bromantic"
by bromanticlover May 30, 2010
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Bromantic (adjective); not necessarily homosexual, yet still just a little too much love goin' on between guys.
There was something oddly bromantic about how Alvin shoulder-hugged his new friend Kristoph.
by sandspit June 28, 2007
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Something that allows for slight homosexuality between good bros. Such as bro-spooning, dinner and a movie, or heavy bro play fighting.
Bro 1: "I had a great time last night, man. It was really bromantic."
Bro 2: "Me too bro, I enjoy spending time with you, no homo."
by broliver April 28, 2015
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