When you and one of your bros get 2 ladies and get blow jobs in such a position that you can play patty cake with your bro.
"yo me and Jamie got awesome bro jobs from Jenny and Danielle but we stopped early cuz Jamie cums so fast
by wetdickallnight October 28, 2009
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The act of one fraternity brother performing oral sex on another. Perhaps done in exchange for money, favors, or admission into a fraternity.
Brad needed fifty bucks so he gave Jared a brojob whilst fingering his poophole.
by Phil Ip January 05, 2010
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The act of one BRO giving another BRO oral pleasure.
*The agbro usually being the reciever in these types of bromantic activities.
Justin told me lastnight at Poison Girl, that Stacy gives the greatest BRO JOBS.
by Turtle Taint December 26, 2006
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A brojob is NOT gay. Its when some laxtitute gives a bro a blowjob. simple as that
I was at that open house when kayla took me to some room and gave me the best brojob ever.
by xl4xbr0x July 28, 2010
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Non-gay oral sex between bros. Usually after a few drinks and a lack of normal female attention. You should try it.
"Dude did you hear about that sweet bro-job that Justin gave to Zach?"

"Yeah it was like totally cool....I guess....fml".
by broseph15 August 16, 2011
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A pun of the word blowjob which is used among straight male friends and is intended as a joke. See also, Brorotic
Bill: Hey Steve, throw me a beer and I'll give you a brojob.
by yapguy June 26, 2014
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How an Asian says "blow job".
Hae Chung Wu: "Did she suck your dick rast night?"

Sai Oon Kim: "No, I didn't get no bro job."
by brooboobs October 19, 2008
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