fighting a buddy with less aggression than real fights. usually planned and recorded on websites. most of the time, headshots are disallowed
Alexie: yo dude i had a bad day, i need to blow some steam

Erik: wanna bro fight?

Alexie: sure my house later on
by oilfan93 May 28, 2009
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A fight within a bromance, when 2 guy's don't really wanna say who would win in a fight between each other cuz they both think their own self would win, but wont say it.
Random Friend: Who would win in a fight between you two?

Best friend 1: Well umm..... (Id Kick his ass)

Best friend 2: Yea well....... (Id Kick his ass)

Both: We Would never fight each other :-/

(awkward silence= Bro-Fight-Mance)
by N.p.R July 28, 2010
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