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a gathering of bros in which manly things are done, such as the kicking back of brewskis and playing video games

male bonding
Dude that was a solid bro fest last night
by fireball419 August 18, 2009
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1. a time of bro-ligous or other celebration, marked by excessive alcohol and meat consumption whilst rep-bro-senting.

2 a period or brogram of festive activities typically involving the combined use of inner-tubes and river sodas.
We should bring another 5 pounds of bacon to Brofest this year.
by edoglost March 31, 2011
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a gathering of bros (males over the age of 14, typically friends with each other) in which events may occur that could be considered of a homosexual nature to everyone with the exception of those actively participating in the gathering.
We're not gay, it's just a frickin bro-fest!
by Red Striped Sweater October 27, 2006
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1.Hanging out with a bunch of your friends, usually guys.

2. Hanging out with one of your close guy friends, no homo

3. Just Relaxing
1. Me, Brosef, and Doug brofested yesterday.

2. No one else could hang out so me and Brosef brofested yesterday.

3. "My Cat's on fire!" "Chill out, it's not that big of a deal. Just brofest"

by BigDubs July 10, 2008
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Where a bunch of bros head out to a hot spot location, murder four lokos and slay everything that walks. The main goal is to get your numbers up, and if anybody tries to remain sober on a fest they are murdered and buried in a shallow grave.
The White Panda is playing in NYC, we should totally Bro Fest there and murder everything in sight.

The dudes at really know how to throw a fest
by Epic Bro Fest December 06, 2010
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1. An activity involving multiple bros, oftentimes being a party or trip to a local fast food restaurant.

2. A concert featuring tough guy metal bands that aren't even good such as; Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed, Slipknot, Linkin Park, and other bands.
1. "You want to go to Marc's party later?"
"It's his brother who is having the party, so you know it's going to be a total bro-fest."

2. "You want to go to Sonar tonight?"
"Who's playing?"
"LOL NVM it's gonna be a bro-fest."
by Shitstomp9999 December 31, 2008
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The joining of fellow bros for a session of chilling. No girls allowed are allowed at a brofest, if a girl comes to a brofest it is no longer a brofest.
"hey dude, you game for brofest tonight?"
by Anthony Ajluni May 22, 2008
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