To mess something very small and obvious up.
Originating from the show Community, where the character Britta often messes small things up.
Person 1: Dude, it's spelled friend, not freind!
Person 2: Damn, I guess I Britta'd it!

Man! I put my finger in front of the camera again! I Britta'd the best picture!
by Aury June 10, 2013
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This is named after a character called Britta who is from the show Community. Britta'd means to make a mistake and mess something up, since Britta does that a lot.
Guy 1: Hey look! John was supposed to take our picture but he messed it up!
Guy 2: Wow, he totally Britta'd it.
by ddaengssf May 11, 2020
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Based off the character Britta from the TV show community.

Britta'd: meaning to make a very obvious mistake, normally one that is made based on previous bias and bad judgement.

Britta believes it to mean to make very small mistake and is reassured by Jeff to believe that.
Jeff: "You probably just Britta'd the test results some how."
Britta: "No, I doubled checked them.. Wait! Are people using my name to make a small mistake?"
Jeff: "Yes..."
by CAPTA1N OBVIOUS March 25, 2022
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