An amazing person who actually has it tough if you consider her complete lack of privacy that yes was brought on my her own fame but still is way more intense than other celebrities..everyone can say she is terrible but than why is her CD top of the charts and her concert sold out?? Go Britbrit!!
Britney Spears inspires girls across the world to be independant and go after their dreams..
by BuffyBabe January 20, 2009
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An American Pop singer that began as a young child on MMC and Star Search. Britney sold 14 million copies with her debut album ...Baby One More Time putting her in the Top Selling Record Albums of All Time list. Britney has sold around 83 million copies to date.

Spears' innocence fooled minds. Was she a devil or an angel? Both. The Pop Princess knew exactly what she was doing in her plan to conquer the pop world.

Fans and Foes alike love to watch Britney's every move. Whether you think she is an inspiration, trash, not talented, slutty, or amazing; Britney successfully got to the top.

Despite Britney's personal life problems, who is to say that Britney is talent-less? I want to see you become the 8th best selling female artist in American Music History. as ranked by RIAA. Or become the 12th richest women in entertainment.
Dan: britney spears can't sing the studio totally fixes her voice. She always lipsyncs and it proves she has no talent.

Jenny: actually she is very enteratining with her impressive dance moves and such. its hard to sing at the same time while your working up a sweat, but on the other hand she does sing live very nicely when shes not dancing :)

Kara: if she had no talent she wouldn't be where she is today.
by WindowGirlMadness April 24, 2008
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having impulsive anger so one will be compelled to hit a random car with an umbrella and then shave their head.
greg: whoah did you carla last night?

manny: no
greg: well she got so angry she had a britneyspears.
by imabest March 26, 2010
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Hott!She can't sing but she is hott!Damn!Damn!
Look at the video to her song "Toxic" and you'll see what she can do with that hotness of hers!
by Erin Wakey Balowey February 04, 2004
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a succesful pop singer who is 27 on 2008 December 2 and recently released her latest album, Circus, which was a great success. It sold 500 000 copies in one week.
Britney Spears is the best pop singer ever.
by sladjf;aweifjnc December 13, 2008
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someone who has the whole world WHIPPED but all everone does is talk shit about her all because not anyone who talks will ever reach the amount of success & fame she has. smeone who is a great performer and had a rough time for the past 3 years. someone who is making a comeback that noone thought she would be able too & im goin to see her MARCH 11TH YEAHHHH love you brittttt
Britney Spears new song "Circus" : when i crack that whip everybody gonna trip just like a circus
by dinaaa MAGS December 08, 2008
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A pop star who is mostly image....the "innocent, wholesome yet sexy" at the same time things. Has more hate then she deserves, but also has more success than she deserves. Cannot sing or write songs for shit, but is an amazing dancer with INCREDIBLE personality. Sure she's overrrated....but she also doesnt deserve THIS much hate.
by dfsdfsd May 04, 2005
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