An over-rated pop singer who has contributed nothing more to the music industry than exposed skin and an internet phenomena. Her music consists of a disposable pop annoying track with her making half groan, half singing noises over it.

She is also a rampant attention-seeker. Everytime peopel get bored of her, she pulls a new stunt - the lesbian kiss with Madonna, for example, or the crying on TV, or suicide in her music videos.
Britney Spears is a slutty singer with no talent and a craving for attention.
by Vivaldi February 22, 2005
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someone who wears very little clothing for attention. possibly someone who might also wear their undergarments OVER thier pants.
Dude, look at that britney spears over there! her lack of clothing has sure caught my attention; and now i'd like to get in her pants.
by SD2176 March 19, 2004
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A person without a proper voice (I'm telling the truth,sounds like a frogs croak) with some stupid beats in the background that keep repeating (AHHH!!) and just sells for showing her skin.She looks really ugly (I wonder why people think shes pretty anyway?) and she has no musical talent.WOuld do better starring in porn films for the idiots who like here who buy her just to see pictures of her nude (come on doesn't anyone have morals here?).Listen to REAL music where talent is and where the band members WORK in heir songs and are innovative and good.Listen to metal.Dont just listen to some loser whom you buy just for the pictures on the album flap.
Metal rules!Britney SUCKS!
Listen to real music...Listen to METAL!
by MetalMade April 18, 2005
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1) a hot piece of sex
2) A HOT robot slut made to produce money and slutty 5 year old girls.
hey look next to the toilet, its a britney spears.
by CRZYtalknNiNja January 11, 2005
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a bunch of immature kids who like whack a whore poppy bubblegum songs are gonna yell out, "OMG!!!111 YOUSTH GUYSTH SUCKSTH!!!BRITNEYSTHS THE BOMBSTHS!!!! WOOT!!!!!! GO AMBERCROMBIETSHS!!!!!" because they read these definitions
i have no self esteem and i think my life is hard even though half of the annoying kid population worships me and i have enough money to have 100 horny midget sex slaves and 4 robots to chew my food
by GANJAMAN October 17, 2004
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