Ignorant assholes who spend all day creating definitions of Americans and the United States as stupid ignorant beings on Urban dictionary all day. They argue how the United States was to blame for "being late" to WWII even though they could not keep Hitler's army in check leading to the death of millions civilians and escalating into a World War.

Not all Americans are fucking ignorant rednecks, and anyway there is nothing wrong with rednecks. Oh no! 4x4ing in the mud and listening to country music is such a bad thing!
British: Hey American! What took you so long to get to Europe for WWII?

American: Sorry, we did not know we had to baby sit you mother fuckers.
by asidfbauisdb September 28, 2010
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A bunch of idiots who hate America because its a trend. Its simply part of the foreign culture to hate Americans simply because they are jealous. Take a look at America, then take a look at England. America elects talented and experienced leaders who know how to lead a country. England elects an a thousand year old woman who likes to play dress up. English people like to make fun of Americans for losing in the Vietnam war. That was ONE war lost, which was a lot less than England. And one of the wars England lost was against us, which is why most Brits hate us, its because they're bad sports.

England is an ill-tempered and spoiled nation, who have some of the most money in the world, but continue to complain about other cultures instead of actually developing their own. Stupid arrogant limeys.
"I'm a Brit and I'm gonna hate Yanks cause everyone else does and I wanna look cool!"

"I'm a Brit and I hate those bloody yanks, ohhh I'm like sooooo kewl!!!"

"I'm British and I hate bloody yanks cause I wanna be a trendy fuck like the rest of the world lawl!!!!!"
by AmericanPride1 January 24, 2011
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Nice people who live in a country with a good history and nice nature, they don't live in average American houses, the average family lives in a small house. But that's usually very normal. American cartoons often mistake the British for highly boring people who were tuxedos and fancy outfits with a bowler hat or a top hat which always speak unusually from the past. The British capital city is London.
British: Hey, nice to meet you.
by Nooboob January 03, 2010
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British people are often ugly with bad teeth and are very fond of tea.
British women are often fat ugly slobs
Plastered in fake tan.
Guy1: I saw this guy the other day he was ugly with horrible teeth
and his wife was fat and orange!

Guy2: He was probaly british
by Yankeydoodle August 12, 2009
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People that have no friends, assume all Americans are fat and stupid, and speak with an annoying accent that makes me want to shoot myself in the head.
They are not cool, and they think they're better than everyone.
Those god damn British people need to get off urban dictionary, they aren't cool at all.

British Guy:Shut up you bloody wanker
Me:Shut up your a douchebag
by mcasanayup April 09, 2009
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A person from England. Nice enough people, very good beer, similar culture and sense of humor to that of the US. Except for the ones who need to constantly slag off/rag on the US, refering to it as "a colony" and insisting that Americans pronounce and spell words incorrectly because Americans have different customs etc...Basically Americans wish that the ex-pat Brits who act as if as if they ran the world would kindly leave. Not all brits are whinging poms, both Eric Idle and John Cleese have settled in the US and they seem to get along just fine. It's the British that seem to despise anything slightly different from home that we are sick of. The rest of you are welcome to come on over!

Just as there is the "ugly American" tourist stereotype, there are "Awful Brits" that travel around and give the English people in general a bad name. The British often "win" world's worst tourist titles because of this.

The british lout became upset that the word "color" was spelt without a "u" in the US and decided to pontificate about the superiority of the English. The nerve of another country - having different ways of doing things!

When the waiter mistakenly asked if he was Australian due to his accent, the British tourist loudly berated the man for being a "typically stupid American", not realising that the waiter was actually Canadian.
by gingernyc September 03, 2007
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People with bad teeth who had an expansive empire decades ago, but still think that they own the world. People who, generally look down their noses on everyone and think that they're better than not only you, but everyone else, even their countrymen. English people, more specifically, have a nasty sense of humor, where they insult you while pretending to do so under the guise of humor.
Reputed to have shitty teeth and minuscule penises.
British guy Joke: Hey, you are a total fucking ugly douche, hahaha
by Alicia4u2nv April 17, 2010
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