A group of people with hilarious accents that mostly live on an island off the coast of the REAL Europe. Are notable for their hatred of Americans despite the fact that, unlike many other nations, they don't actually have a good reason for it. Their most meaningful contribution to the modern world is the video game reviewer Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw.
British People: Wot wot, etc.
by Krish2 May 09, 2010
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annoying people whose accents well annoy the hell out of any body, even australians, dont brush their teeth and think they were the reason hitler didnt take over the world ha!
Those british people douche bags breath makes me wanna through up ehhhhh
by sCAREbear69 January 20, 2009
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Probably the most polite, sofisticated, calm, interesting people. Everyone says that they're a bunch of snobs but never judge a book by its cover! If you don't be a rude steroetype to them they won't to you. :) (this is coming from an American)
by */Stardragons/* January 05, 2018
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The worst 'cunts' that have too much Racism, vugarity, and have no life. :)
they act like British People because they are stupid inconsiderate douchebags.
by Your_name_here March 07, 2008
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People from the UK, they somehow are able to smoke 3 packs of “Cigs” per day. They speak Moon Runes and are mostly not understandable to a normal person
God British People are annoying people!
by water drinkist November 17, 2020
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People who can't even speak their own language correctly nor can they learn how to take care of their teeth.
Person A:"God I hate British people."
Person B:"Same. They can't even pronounces Tuesday correctly they say chewsday instead."
by James "Papa" Hetfield April 24, 2021
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Inhumanly nice, tea-loving shits, who inhabit the small, country that no one knows the actual name of courtesy of British people calling it nicknames that "Everyone" loves, of

The United Kingdom.

British people are mostly known for drinking gallons of tea a day. No wonder the Boston tea party happened.
Their most stereotypical phrase is "Its Tea Time!"
"British people suck America is so much better"
by The Living Human Dildo February 19, 2015
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