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A mentally challenged individual from the UK, who travels to foreign countries with no intention of integrating with the culture there. Instead, they hunt down a full English breakfast, followed by a bar to watch football, 10 pints of Carling and a Sunday roast. Never attempts any of the language and is constantly ridiculed by locals who know they can't understand one word they are saying. They sit on the beach in uncomfortable temperatures, wear no sun cream, a white handkerchief on their head and sit down to dinner resembling a lobster that's been caught on the job. Such an individual can be mostly found in Spain in any location prefaced by 'Costa', the Algarve and various other areas that have been downgraded in order to make these people feel more at home.
'Carol goes to the Benidorm every year and stays at the Royal George. She says they do a lovely Shepherds pie.' ...... 'Really? What a Brit abroad!'
by conti_bwoy January 26, 2014
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