The ultimate trap house that no one can leave, literally, because the door is fucked. All things happen in here and everything stays inside and winds up lost or stolen by an haunting shady ghost.
Yo, I just went inside brisbane and I'm still here.
"Come through brisbane, I promise you won't get trapped" (how most people get trapped)
by KemethOW April 24, 2017
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A very small town in the suburbs of San Francisco, California about two minutes away from Daly City. This town is full of white boys who a) think they are cholos, b) wish they were cholos, and c) give cholos a bad name. On the whole, there is only one sexy man, who is the only true cholo, even if he is a nino mimado.

Never date a guy from Brisbane.
"Hey, that white kid has a really squeaky voice, rides his scooter round town, says 'fuck' every three seconds, sags his pants, failed Spanish, and still attempts to speak it in a derogatory manner!"

"Wow, he must be from BRISBANE!"


"Ay! Look at papi!"

"Yeah, the only one in BRISBANE."
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Shitty city, ugly, humid, wet, sweaty, dirty, boring.
I'm going to kill myself!
Oh, my best friend went to Brisbane once
by Brizziesyxx January 31, 2010
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Most polluted city in Australia, yet the greatest
*Cough cough* Im dying..
Oh have another drink and sum beads
by kimmy booth June 20, 2005
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