Place in Brooklyn, home to a high concentration of Russians. Also called Little Odessa.
Favorite hangouts include the boardwalk, beach, and annoying Russian nightclubs.
Privet, kak dela? Yo, you comin' to Brighton today?
by person March 6, 2005
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Belonging to the Brighton of Brighton & Hove in the United Kingdom. Despite Brighton being a popular seaside town in England the peach is entirely pebbles.
Sandy "Going down to Brighton beach for the weekend, can't wait to build a sandcastle!"
Jeff "That may be a problem...."
by Pebbleheadedloony August 23, 2010
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lovely beach but dont go there at night unless u plan to do drugs, be offered drugs, or be mugged….and watch ur feet in the morning….lotta needles
cor found 10g of ket on brighton beach this morning…score
by comically_large_cowboy_hat January 20, 2022
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