A female human being. A breezie is a woman that can breeze in and out of a man's life without distress.
At a party, "Where are all the breezies? This party is a sausage fest!"
by Paul Erickson November 28, 2005
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the perfect girl. shes a beutiful girl with a great personality. nobody can ever stop her only influence and give her reasons to do sum else.
i love my breezy!!!!!!
by MR.Fuck You November 30, 2011
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Someone who is literally perfect in every way shape or form. Someone you constantly want to talk to, and someone who you can’t stop smiling at.
Girl: “Did you talk to him last night?”
Girl 2: “I’m nervous, he’s to breezy.”
by user783622 November 07, 2019
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1. a female who just wants to hit and be gone with the wind.
2. a female who just wants to do it in ya car.
3. a female that passes you by.
4. a female with a certain scent.
5. a female with long long hair.
6. a Bitch thats easy
a breezy can be any female in view cuz you know how i do.
by James Sanchez April 27, 2006
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1: A girl that is easy to get in bed; a breeze to get in the sac. 2: Used to refer to a hot girl, or possibly, any girl in general if one prefers any female that walks on two legs; often used to confuse a girl unknowing of the term's definition.

Plurals/subversions: Breezing: To breeze. Breeze. Breezys: A mulititude of a breezy.
1: Sup, breezy.
2: Hey man, lets go get some breezys.
3: Yep, she's a breeze.
by Hatz March 07, 2005
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To be relaxing, chilling.

To be relating towards something that is cool as in popular.

Marlon Beck
Im just breezin out here on the porch

Those shoes are breezy!
by Flyguymane July 11, 2011
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When trying to sound cool and calm when talking to an ex. Especially in Monica's case when leaving a message on Richard's answering machine.
Monica: "I called and got to his answering machine and left a message..."

Other 5: "No..."
Monica: "But it's okay because I left a casual, breezy message. It was breezy!"
by Friends_Definitions008 August 01, 2019
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