when one is cold...''man im 'DAN' today.....ha ha his friend replys. im dan breezing too
by Jimmyallslang February 3, 2012
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Rap/Hip hop artist from Las Vegas. Multi-billionaire. Knighted by the Queen. Has a star and an island named after him. Just a chill, laid back dude.
Have you heard the new Forrest Breeze album, "Unnecessary, But Fire"?
by Fxrrest November 23, 2021
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After outdoor sex with your partner during the fall season, and finishing on their face, take a handful of leaves from the ground and throw it on their face.
The other night I took Jane to a spot and we had sex outside. I pulled out and finished on her face. So to be funny I hit her with The Autumn Breeze
by TankerJoe December 26, 2015
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when you ejaculate in a girl's nose and she sneezes it out
We came inside from the cold and I gave her a Winter Breeze.
by Michael A Hunt November 21, 2016
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When you cum into a ice tray. Freeze them and leave the cum cubes under your spouses pillowcase.
You're spouse: Why is the pillow so cold .
You: Must be the Winter Breeze.
by Dre Wallen January 11, 2021
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"when someone farts on a mans cock before entering ass"
Dude did you hear joey gave Omar a West Texas breeze?
by thunder cookie July 8, 2020
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"Da Talk" dat you give a coming-of-age youngster regarding da purpose and functions of da human butt-hole.
I think dat anal sex is really gross and unsanitary, so I only mention defecating and flatulence when I tell my offspring about da turds and breeze.
by QuacksO November 7, 2021
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