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Usually people who like various degrees of pain or something other than average gentle touches will do this for sexual gratification. This is also the same thing as tit torture (aka titty torture and tittie torture)

It may involve breast bondage with ropes and such, nipple clamps, slapping or whipping the breasts, temporary or play piercing, hot wax, ice cubes, biting and pinching, suction with something other than a person's mouth, electricity with devices meant only for use on the human body, chemical play with substances such as Icy Hot or peppermint oil, and abrasion (brush bristles, rough fabric, or other textured items).
I took off my shirt and bra today for breast torture, set the video so I could watch this later, and began by rubbing my nipples with ice until they got hard and cold like frozen peas.
Then I took eight bobby pins and clamped four onto each nipple bud, which made them poke out an entire half inch longer than they normally did. It felt wonderful and I moaned. I dripped hot wax on my still cold nipples that were pinched tight, and I tugged the pins sloooowly off one by one. Each time one came off, my titties bounced hard and made my nipples throb. By then my nipples and areolas were red and sensitive.
Next I put extra-strength duct tape on my now throbbing nipples and ripped it off quickly to make the rest of the wax peel off and also to make myself pussy wet with the sight of them bouncing.
After all the wax was off, I took out my peppermint body lotion, touched dots of it on my breasts, and turned the air condition on high. My nipples immediately perked right up and became all tingly. I twisted off the cap to the lotion and suctioned the top to my right nipple and pumped it for five minutes. Next I suctioned my left nipple for five minutes and moved the top up and down and side to side over my areola so that my nipple bud popped in and out of the bottle quickly.
I finished by rubbing in the rest of the tingling lotion and dragging a rough sweater over my nipples to get myself ready for other activities...

So it's fun. Try it sometime!
by StrawberryDaiquiri October 18, 2009
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