When a woman has unprotected sex with 5 or more men in a 4 hour period, she develops a seminal wall inside her vaginal cavity. This wall is nearly impenetrable and can only be breached by passing urine or douching.
Baby Carlos: Damn! that girl was "breaking the seal" all over everyone last night.

Adult Carlos: Grossss! i know. I heard some girls got pregnant from it, hope they got 500 bucks or a coat hanger.
by baby carlos March 9, 2010
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When a woman loses her virginity.

Another way of saying 'Popping the Cherry'
She was a 10, and I ended up breaking the seal
by Hondipo April 26, 2019
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Bar special where you drink for free until you have to urinate. Any drinks you get after you "break the seal" have to be paid for.
Carl only managed to get six beers for free on Don't Break the Seal Night...should have gone to the john before.
by Anonymous January 2, 2003
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when you first pee after drinking a lot, and then you keep peeing all night constantly.
friend 1: i really have to pee
friend 2: you should wait otherwise you’re gonna break your seal for the whole night
by chumforyou2 June 20, 2020
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