To hurt during sex by using the penis in great length or tongue movement
Dood u should fuck her she is bad as fuck

Man i would break that girl
by Sexedteacher119 October 26, 2015
a great rhcp is on blood sex sugar magik
twistin and turnin,your feelings are burning.your breaking the girl.she ment you no harm
by futuramafan May 21, 2008
An indie-rock band hailing from around the Bournemouth area of the United Kingdom, who share a love of smoking illegal substances, writing catchy songs and confusing people through a variety of random myspace messages.
Pizz: 'What'?!
Everyone else: 'Shut up Pizz'
Joe: 'Hi, we're Breaking The Girl'


Duff: 'Joe, you're not Jesus Christ'
JD: 'Well I can't disprove it, so I'm not going to argue with it'
Duff: 'Fine, Joe, walk on water'
Joe: 'Erm....'
Duff: 'Go on, if you're the son of God, you can walk on water'
Joe: 'Erm'
JD: 'Pass the joint@
by Joe, Duff, JD and Pizz October 3, 2006
A female companion that resembels a girl friend but that's realationships time frame only lasts the week of spring break
Dam that girl is hot, I'm going to make her my Spring Break Girl Friend
by Mateogstring March 19, 2010