A book in which people are bred and grown in factories, where one egg can produce up to 96 different babies, all identical. They are predetermined to be Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon, with Alpha being the most intelligent and Gamma the least intelligent. They are conditioned and brought up, brainwashed in a sense, to love what their jobs are going to be. This caste system is strictly rigid and interaction between different castes is prohibited and undesireable. Each class, even the lowest, would not want to be any other class because they simply do not know how to live any other way, they do not know any other way of life. Everyone is happy. Everything is done in the name of progress and consumption. It is a perfect world.

Makes you think twice about wishing that the world was perfect. It scares you because we are heading for that world at this very instant.
Brave New World is an awesome book. If you don't like it, you either don't understand or you're running from the truth.
by The Leet April 21, 2004
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A frightening look into our inevitable future by Aldous Huxley, circa 1930's
A world where everyone is genetically engineered to have a place in society and everyone's traits are determined before creation. Think "Gattica".
by phantompoett October 1, 2003
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A look into the future through the eyes of English writer Aldous Huxley. Aside from being a good book, it is also of note for the amount of correct predictions he made that have already come true.
Soma is what they would take when hard times opened their eyes.
by Ender May 30, 2004
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book by some anti-totalitarianist

Warns against the creation of a new world order.

Be vigilant people!
hey i remember this book it was by uh... that dude

george orwell??
by waffle October 1, 2003
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A killer Iron Maiden song from the year 2000. Written by Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson, and Dave Murray, this song features stellar clean sections, melodic leads by Janick Gers, creamy leads by Dave Murray, excellent D drones by Adrian Smith, and three-way harmonization after the solos. Based on the early 30's novel Brave New World by Aldus Huxley.
Dying swans, twisted wings, beauty not needed here....
by Xaque Elliott December 30, 2005
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(noun.) Brave New World – One of the first New Jersey surf shop(s) established in 1976 by pioneer East Coast Surfer Bill Lammers. Located in Point Pleasant Beach NJ. “Brave New World Surf and Ski” has been the leading retailer of surfboards, snowboards, skateboards and related fashions eventually expanding to three locations with additional locations in Toms River & Little Silver NJ.

Synonyms: Brave, BNW, Brave New Macys,

(fact. 1) The Point Pleasant location is one of the largest surf shops in the USA with over 16000sqft of retail floor space and BNW is the largest single purchaser of surfboards in the USA buying more than 1000 surfboards a year for resale in their stores!

(fact. 2) Brave New World was one of the first retailer sellers on snowboards offering them for sale along side ski equipment in the 1980’s

(fact. 3) Brave New World offers a free surf webcam on their website www.bravesurf.com
Lets stop at Brave on the way to the beach to buy some surf wax!
by Uglyfredy January 17, 2005
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Aldous Huxley's a brave new world is where the modern democratic party wants to take us. :( I'm less than impressed with the democratic party.
by Sexydimma May 23, 2021
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