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want to be sluts who have nothing better to do with their lives then talk shit about other girls, and guys. They are super stuck up and think they're top shit, when most of them...are just easy..that's the only reason guys like them. They're ruthless bitches and want to fight every girl they see.. They think they're hard as fuck..but honestly nobody can stand them.. If you want sex, and you don't care how beat the girl you fuck is..come to Brantford. These girls fuck with no condoms. Like 90% of the teenage girls that walk around are pregnant, and the other 10% are dirty as fuck..stupid random sluts that is used to being fucked and chucked...they don't like to shower either.
Guy1: Brantford girls are such sluts, like you see that group of pregnant chicks over there?

Guy2: Yeah, I fucked all them...
by -preppstur- September 08, 2011
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