women of low self esteem who find solace and validation for their otherwise shallow existence by constantly referring to brand names and/or prominently displaying them on their clothing for others tho see under the erroneous notion that this will impress those around them and fool them into thinking that they are wealthy, intelligent, talented and/or important persons in the societies in which they live. Brand bitches are often times wealthy, but rarely are they intelligent, talented and/or important to society at large. They often flock in groups which helps to sustain and perpetuate their collective illusion.
Looka doze brand bitches, struttin' dey stuff down da street like a walkin' billboard. Ho bitches, Calvin Klein be laughin' his ass all the way to the bank wif yo money you paid him to advertise his threads.
by Mr. Carl Cunnilanguage September 29, 2004
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one who talks about one without looking in a mirror or his pants aka a pussy
man billy you bein a real brandbitch
by fhdfdhjfa September 09, 2007
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