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The only place u'll come across so many slappers in one building. and tht building is the snob skewl bradford girl's grammar skewl.wooo!!it consists of gay pervert teachers, slappers, bitches,townies, goths, punks and a few people who don't deserve a title. the slappers are the girls who will do w/e on a first date, the bitches think they rule but really they just get in the way!! and suck. the bitches are also posh snobs who think remembering daddy's credit card number will get them into Uni!! townies live on bursary's in this skewl and they try to be anything ther not. the goths are probably the smartist people in this skewl but they have lots of enemies, mostly chavs trying to kill them.punks just try to live without gettin killed.! thats why ther is only a small numbr of them left. the othr people don't have anything worth writin about.

Don't evr send ur kids here they will be emotionally scarrd 4 life and will cum out with an addiction to sex, booze and drugs!! oh and they'll take all ya money
"how was ur day at bradford girls?"
"u no how it is! a few baby's popped out and miss x got arrested for possesion again and bex has HIV. but same old story"
"oh i'm glad u had fun dear"
by k&c August 03, 2006
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