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Chronic pain in the back of the neck muscles that radiates to the top of the head. A result of tight-fitting brassier worn (normally...), by women.
Other similiar weird syndromes that are related to bra-strap headache syndrome:

-Tight pants syndrome: abdominal discomfort/ bleeding/ heart burn caused by tight-fitting pants that might rupture an artery or build up acid-reflux from pushing into the wall of the stomach.
-Sunglasses syndrome: numbness and tingling feeling between the eyes that gradually spreads to the nose and upper mouth.
-Seat-belt syndrome: similiar in cause to economic-class syndrome, but is caused from seatbelts that tighten on around the hip area in case of emergency landings or a crash that finally destroy a vital internal organ.
by hammer---;, hytham April 13, 2007
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