someone who is supposed to be loyal, funny, kind, and always makes you feel good. Someone you want to say good morning and good night to. someone who can spot something is wrong at the moment it happens and someone who make you smile just by looking at them.
by Dreamsbig June 10, 2016
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A boy used for a your own personal gain
I’ll tell my boyfriend to hook you up with his best friend
by Meeed February 12, 2018
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a male who has the honour to spoil his Girlfriend/Boyfriend and is in a relationship with one another. The boyfriend is supposed to be the hard working one to win the others heart. The boyfriend tries to win the most beautiful and hot looking girlfriend/boyfriend to their choice
I'm her boyfriend! im so lucky!
by EmeraldsDictionary March 29, 2016
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The male in a male-female romantic relationship. He's a protector and provider for his girlfriend and is loved the same way in return. The boyfriend is also a friend, and thus is loved and respected on that level of relationship.

A boyfriend is not to be confused with a guy whom you date and use for money, a taxi, or anything of substantial value without regard for his feelings and well being. If you view a guy as something just used for money/taxi or as the personification of a ball and chain, then the guy in question is not your boyfriend.

To conclude, a boyfriend is a guy with whom you love and with whom you enjoy spending time, and who feels the same way about you in return.
The girl spent the day with her boyfriend and had a great time, just as they did every day before this day, as they are in love with each other, they were very disappointed when they had to part ways at the end of the day.
by .: High Priestess :. November 11, 2017
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The word 'boyf riend' is a reference to the musical ”Be More Chill. 'Boyf' connects to the character 'Jeremy Heere' as he has it spelled on his backpack and hides it with his 'no homo' factor. 'Riend' is taken by his best friend Michael who shows Jeremy, showing 'all the homo'
“Bro, we've been best friends for a really long time now. Lets be Boyf Riends, no homo tho
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