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A dance which is open to any year nine or ten students (year nines are high school freshmen) at all-girl schools in Christchurch, and year nine or ten female students at St Andrew's College (STAC) and any for year nines and ten Christchurch Boy's High students. The tickets for these are very highly in demand since this is probably the biggest meeting place for potential boyfriends/girlfriends. Because of the high temperature in the gym where they are held, girls wear very little clothing, but yet guys manage to wear jeans and hoodies and not overheat. Weird. The dances are highly sexually charged occasions, with most of the participants having very low standards of privacy and/or hygiene- don't go near any of the walls, and always wear socks. Some other high schools hold them but they're not as good.
NB- The year 11, 12 and 13 (year 13 is the last year before university) 'supervisors' think nothing of hooking up with an innocent year nines. Be careful.
Girl 1: Omg, Tom hooked up with someone else at the boy's high dance!
Girl 2: Well, what do you expect? You know how those slutside hookers dress!
by KiwiChickee December 11, 2007
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