Once a greek myth, this man turned sex god is the absolution of lust and desire. Having the ability to turn straight guys gay and girls panties into pools of water, BoyToy the all time master of water polo and WOW has the ability to sexify your mom whenever he pleases. Unfortunately, he has been cursed by the wicked witch of Poland to believe he is unattractive. Unbeknownst of his awesome sex appeal he is left alone is solitary with cesaer as they annihilate noobs in COD and use they gunship to soil any haters. The only way for this curse to be broken is to be kissed by all the girls which believe he is attractive ( which is every single one). After this he will respond with a swift and curtly GMD!
Man did you see BoyToy last night, when he got that gunship in COD my girlfriend left me for him.....and I don't even mind because I'm gay now!
by nitro_zero March 29, 2011
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1. The guy who holds the girl's purse while she makes out with her boyfriend.

2. The guy who hold's the girl's the video camera while she makes her first porno with her boyfriend.

3. The guy who makes a sandwich for the girl who later gives it to her boyfriend.
Guy 1: He ditched us to go hang out with that girl again?
Guy 2: Yea, and he's not even getting any. What a boy toy.
by Lvl 226 March 20, 2010
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A young man who dates an older woman. He is usually regarded as a fool by most males for being too stupid to realize older women demonize the ENTIRE male gender based on age. He is a young male who glamorizes his future demonizer (older women) unwittingly.

Pervert, dirty old man, creepy-->what older women call the boytoys of 1970 and 1980 who grew into sugar daddies for college girls.
gold digger--what old women call boy toy's future girl toys.
"When I was 23 i dated a 40 year old woman. I was a boy toy. I dated her for 10 years. But then the 'look downwards in age for a wife' instinct kicked in. When I was 40 I met 24 year old Janet and Older women around us called me dirty old man preying on a vulnerable young woman. What A fool i was for being an older woman's boy toy. I didn't see that coming. Her aunt called me creepy and dangerous because I was 40. "--the life of the typical boy toy woken up to the real reality..
by FormerToyboy June 25, 2006
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A guy who likes older women or men.
Ashton BERG-DORF wants to be a boy toy for Blair but also Ethan and when excluded from their relationship got mad and started spreading rumors about Blair and Ethan.
by Ashton-BERG-DORF July 02, 2017
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Contrary to most of the definitions here, Google dictionary defines this as "a young woman who offers herself as a sex object for young men."

This is the primary definition, the "guy who offers himself to women" is the second meaning.
Classmate 1: Look at Brandon's girl companions, he's such a boy toy

Classmate 2: Uh, don't you mean his girl companions are his boy toys?

Classmate 1: No, I mean he's a boy toy

Classmate 2: Okie then
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by Obv troll is obvious October 06, 2020
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