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Boxborough, Ma is the epitimy of nothing and everything boring in the world. No exaggerations at all. There is nothing to do there but hike endless repetitive trails or go to have the worst pizza of all time at Bravo Pizza. The People that live there usually have a giant 10 inch stick up there ass except for a small group.

The question is if this town is so terrible why has anyone even lived here? Parents with young kids move here in search of a nice suburban town with an excellent school system. Which for the most part is true except when the kids head off to RJG Jr High where they join kids in acton (the neighboring town) for two years until they go down the road to the hell hole of the regional high school. Here every kid is mentally raped and is told only two things: sports and school are what matter. Which again for the most part is true but there is so much more to life. The daily life of a kid here is just being told you aren't good enough over and over and over again. It slowly gets chiseled into their head until one day they end it all. For what? For some stupid fucking school in the middle of nowhere that literally means nothing to anyone. Why are the kids told they aren't good enough?
"hey do you know about Boxborough, Massachusetts"
by JustAKidFromBoxborough July 30, 2017
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