throwing an oversized, extremely heavy, painted coconut at pins
i went to hawaii to go bowling
by THORRR SMASHHH February 20, 2015
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Contrary to all other definitions of "bowl" on Urbandictionary. It's something you eat cereal out of.
"Don't hit my bowl.. with your spoon. Conserve the frosted flakes dude."
by M4RKy September 16, 2011
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Extravert individual who wears thongs and plays up to a crowd like a comedian at a funeral, typically funny and a raging alchoholic.
that guy is so bowles!
by The Hedge September 29, 2006
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1. Noun; The sport in which you throw a bowling ball at pins.
2. Verb; usually means to smoke weed (hints the word "bowl"ing)
Dude, you wanna go bowling? I got some bomb ass kill.
by Horsch_it May 5, 2011
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The goal of the game is to launch the bowling ball upwards or yeet it into air. You have to knock down as many ceiling tiles as you can. My friends said you have to hit the pins at the end of the lane. They're lying though, this account is about the truth.
Regular Tile 1 point.
Light Panel 2 Points.
A tile with a spider or a web on it 3 Points.
Knock at rat down from a regular tile 5 Points.
10 tiles is 10 points.
It is a round based game
Let's go Bowling later.
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Walking with a slight limp on purpose. Usually a sign of being slightly too popular or just an idiot.
Average teen- You see that kid bowling it down the road?
Average teen 2- Yeah, he looked a right idiot
by Godlesswanderer September 24, 2004
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The bowl is a container of any slight resemblance to a curved bowl. It is used by post pubic males to store fecies, urine and semen. Commonly stored in a locker, or the celing.
I just drank from the bowl. It was nice.
by MUMMIES August 29, 2017
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