The part of a device for smoking marijuana that hold the weed itself.
The pipe itself is NOT called a bowl. That is a common mistake; stop making it. Call it a pipe or a glass piece, but don't call the whole device a bowl around anyone who knows anything if you don't want to look stupid.
Dude, let's pack a bowl.
Dude, let's smoke a bowl.
I don't want to smoke too much, just pack a light bowl.
Give me the bong, you always pack the bowl too loose.
by Scarab November 22, 2002
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reffering to deep dish rims or rims on a car the have a deep groove inside of them like a bowl.
all blacks whip on all black "bowls. "
you see that scrapper with them 24 chrome "bowls"?
by 408bayshark December 22, 2008
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a non mechanical device used to make ones self and others fucked out of their minds
"hey holly, i got a sweet new bowl, lets go get high !"
"okay !"
by robbocot December 08, 2008
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Can also be used to describe .5 grams of marijuana, just enough to fit into the bowl of a pipe.
I didn't have any cash, so bro let me have a fat green bowl for free!
by Mcweedy November 21, 2006
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verb: the act of throwing a heavy ball with holes in it at 10 pins at the end of a lane.

noun: bowling
a) Hey, let's go bowling!
b) I just bowled a 300!
by gototheconezone April 30, 2005
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