An imitation of pr0n sound tracks, see also BOWCHICKABOWBOW

Talking through your nose, simply imitate a springy bass guitar and say BOW, to rhyme with "wow", then a quick CHICKuh, followed up with two quick BOW's, all while doing a bob and weave disco grind and you've got it....
Q: So after that....?
A: Totally BowChickaWowWow, my friend...
by Chick Eat a Banana November 03, 2005
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onomatopoeia describing the sound a guitar makes driven through a wah-wah effects pedal.
Jimmy: Yo man, I just got a new Dunlap Cry Baby.
Joe: How's it sound?
Jimmy: Totally awesome! It goes like "bow chicka wow wow."
by DanTheGuy June 04, 2007
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