Technically, someone who is belonging to the middle class, anywhere from the bottom of it all the way up to the top, as rich as they get, so long as they are not noble, or royalty. This term more portrays towards the 16-1800's.

Now it is used to describe people who are rich, or belonging to the upper class. It can also mean kind of snobby. It is also really annoyingly spelled because the french made it up, so its basically annoying in all aspects.
That new teacher is quite bourgeouis.
by Robert Myere March 9, 2004
The primary enemy of Marxists and one of the enemies of anarchists. They are rich and get there by enslaving the working class.

They own the businesses and take most of the money that the products made by workers bring in, giving the workers only a small amount.
Hey bourgeois, you're lucky I don't believe in propaganda by the deed or I'd be starting some class war with you with a pipebomb!
by eddy March 10, 2004