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An instrument used to cover up the smell of pot. instead of just blowing the smoke into the air and smelling up the place you simply use the bounce blower.

You take a paper towel roll and about 2-3 sheets of fabric softener, ie; Bounce (bold scent) and you elastic it to the end of the paper towel. and there you have your bounce blower.
Michael: "dude we should smoke some weed!"

Dave: "Ya man good idea... but we should use the bounce blower"

Michael: "duuudde..."
by MitchellHo. May 20, 2005
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An item used by stoners. Consists of a sheet of Bounce Dryer Sheets, an empty toilet paper roll and an elastic to hold it all together. The objet is to blow your smoke into the toilet paper roll which filters through the Bounce Dryer Sheets. It keeps the air smelling fresh.
Stoner 1: Are you sure your parents won't notice the smell, their only down the hall?
Stoner 2: Relax, I got a bounce blower.
by benormous February 22, 2006
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