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a south western ontario in origin describing a way to smoke hashish, by burning a whole in a plastic bottle of any size (use to be done also with glass bottle)and using little chunks of hash on the tip of a smoke in the bottle to heat the hash up and smoke it up. very tricky to get the blend right. repin the 519
how do you wanna smoke this hash??
lets bottle toke it
by byran May 24, 2007
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A method of smoking hashish using a bottle and cigarette; popular in Ontario and other parts of Canada.
The hashish is divided into tiny (5mm in diameter, give or take) "bots" or "BTs", placed (or picked-up) by the heater of a cigarette and placed inside a bottle to be cooked and consumed. The bottle is usually a beer bottle with a hole created at the base to insert the cigarette. The mouth of the bottle is left open and the bottle is held at a 45 degree angle, letting the lighter tobacco smoke escape out the top while the heavier hashish smoke falls to the bottom. Cook time varies -- the stream of the white-coloured hashish smoke is much denser than the blueish tobacco smoke; pull out cigarette when hashish smoke has finished.
by gravyface February 24, 2005
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A method developed in Eastern Canada, specifically in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia for smoking hash (hashish) or oil (hash or honey oil). It is done by picking up tokes ( tiny pieces of hash ) or by dripping oil onto the burning tip (cherry) of a cigarette and placeing it into a bottle with a whole in it, The toke is then pooched, bitched or baked (depending on local terms).
woah man thoose canadians rock the BT's.
lets get the bottle tokes on the go wa boys?
by hashwhore November 02, 2011
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