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a better way to do it is to get a 2 liter soda bottle and fill it partially with water then make a bowl at the top out of aluminum foil with a whole bunch of tiny holes in it. then punch however many holes in the sides of the bottle for straws and so its more like a hookah.
"Let's use the bottle bong this time so we can all smoke at the same time."
by nerm December 16, 2003
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Not got a real bong ?

dont worry, you don't have to use the paper after all.

a bottle bong is most commonly a 2 litre bottle specialy made for the purpose of somking weed.
Get yourself a 2 litre bottle.
take the lid off.
put a hole in the side big enough for water to rush out of.
Cover it with tape.
fill the bottle with water a quarter of the way (or a little less)
stick yourself some tin foil in the lid, making a bowl.
put yourself tiny holes in the top of the foil.
cut a hole in the lid for the bottle.
stick the lid back on the bottle.
Stick your Ganja in the top.
Get your buddy to light the ganja and you pull of the tape (or vise-versa).
Allow the water to poor out of the bottle via the hole you made.
watch your bottle fill with highness.
quickly cover the hole back with the tape when empty.
unscrew the lid, take the foil out, check for any unbearnt ganja, and breath in to your lungs on the lid.

there you have it. thats a bottle bong.

a more simple one of these may be perhaps,
simply burning a hole in the bottle big enough for the spliff, sticking the spliff in the hole, lighting it, and simply tootin on the bottle.
by Dan. M. Watts. August 01, 2008
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one sort of bottle bong includes what most of the definitions have. make a tin foil bowl at the top, cut some holes in it & have the bottom filled with water.

my idea of a bottle bong is basically a more fun way to smoke instead of just passin' around the blunt. personally, i would rather do this. not that i dont like blunts, in fact i would marry a blunt if women were non existent (talk about a good wife) but this is just to add to the fun.

take a gatorade bottle, coke bottle, etc. one of the smaller bottles works. i use gatorade. anyways, make a small-ish hole on the side at the bottom. about an inch from the bottom of the bottle. this is where you'll put the end of a blunt, the part your mouth will go on. now make a small hole on the side to put your thumb on. i like to use lighters to make these holes.

light up the blunt (or joint, doesnt matter) put your thumb on the side hole, smoke up the bottle, take your thumb off and smoke up.

i also like it because you get more smoke. and its fun to see who can and can't clear it.

its also the best way to smoke roaches for that buzz.

smoke up, friends.
1. "dude, i got 2 blunts. finish this gatorade ill make a bottle bong."

2. "still got those roaches from after we almost got busted?"
"hells yeah son. "
"dude imma go buy a gatorade, we'l make a bottle bong and finish 'em."
by immaZboyBudSM0kaaa November 25, 2009
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a bottle bong is a device for rapidly chugging beer out of a bottle by letting air into.
the sure shot is a good example of one.
by Steve Kyzok July 15, 2005
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Obtain a 2 litre plastic bottle. Cut the bottom end off it. Get a plastic bread bag. Tape the open end of the bag around the now open bottom of the bottle, ensuring a good seal. Tap a piece of string to the end of the bag and stuff bag up into the bottle. Affix a suitable cone to neck of the bottle, and stuff with herbal mixture of your own pleasure. Light herbs as you slowly tug on the string. Slowly pull the bag out of the bottle, filling the bottle and the bag with smoke. Carefully remove cone, place neck of bottle to mouth and quickly inhale.
Jeez man, you gotta try a bottle bong!
by El Pee August 12, 2009
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A bong that is made out of an empty water bottle.
Person 1: "Hey man, got any kush?"

Person 2: "Yeah, just no bong"

Person 1: "It's aight. I can make a bottle bong."
by detourious#1015 July 22, 2017
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