Haze: "This jumper fits me weird...ugh"
Dayze: "Yeah, I'm surprised you haven't taken it off yet, it looks like it botherates you."
by gnarlycharly August 7, 2010
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If sum1 says sumit and ya want a gd cumbac without finkin u jus go bothered!!!
person 1: U pussy hole

by Helen June 2, 2004
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The male guy who represents your mother or father.
My bother is always taking care of me since i'm young and orphan. Eg; Brother, Relatives (male), Friends (male), Guardian (male).
by Noseyparker May 25, 2015
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bothered just posted another article on women being raped in Congo.
by bothered January 9, 2005
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Saw Mark and Lisa down the boozer.

Oh, are they bothering?

Sure looked like it, they snogged the whole night.
by Shuaman October 4, 2018
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What pussies say when they don't wanna confront someone because they are scared
You're a bitch pop out!
Nah, I'm just not bothered.
by defgod69 June 13, 2021
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