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1. n. A tremendous feat, to whack it 26 times in a day. The result will leave the 'runner' fatigued, red, thirsty, and ironically low on juice.

2. n. Also a popular 26.2 mile race performed by thousands in Boston in April where some Kenyan wins.

"Where's Tony?"
"He's at home doing the Boston Marathon right now."
"I thought that was in Boston..and in April?"
"Not this kind. This is an essential training regime he must do in order to improve his minute man lemonade."
by Robosalt June 21, 2008
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When one drinks excessive amounts of Iced Tea (to honor those who threw tea into the harbor in boston) and when said participant has to use the bathroom, they proceed to run from urinal to urinal peeing nonstop in each one.
Bob drank three gallons of iced tea during the movie and celebrated when he discovered the theater bathroom empty by running a "Boston Marathon"
by babieswithrabies17 December 02, 2011
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Refers to a line of cocaine so big you could run the Boston Marathon. Reserved for those who are accustomed to the rush and may be too large for the amateurs.
"Oh man, that's so long my nose just ran the Boston Marathon!"
by Miss Mia Wallace June 10, 2018
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