someone who is there when you are late and not there when you are early.
I hate my boss...nah there ani't no punch line to that.
by Uvenk January 12, 2011
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Slang for oral sex given from a female to a male. (See also "head" and "dome")
I got some boss last night.

That chick bossed me up this mornin while I was watchin Sports Center.
by The Gaffer February 16, 2005
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An asshole who sticks his nose into your everyday business and can make you do things for him, even though he talks to you like he talks to the shit on his shoe.
--What are you still doing here with that pudding in your hand? I thought I told you to wash that shit off the sink, you twit!

--Okay, boss!
by Esa4 September 13, 2019
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1. Noun. alternate name for CFO of KPAZ Actuarial/Financial Consultancy, Tingwu Wang. The definitions are exchangable.
2. Adj. Something/Someone of unnatural awesomeness.
Why so boss for?
He talks like a boss.
by KPAZ October 31, 2011
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when something is cool and right at that moment.
I get pay today, boss!
by maddymaj August 10, 2008
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Me: "Alright boss..Whats the craic?"
Friend: "Noffin much. Just fuckin around the town.."
Me: "Right"
by rincer August 2, 2004
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vernacular verb in reference to the act of fellatio
"She bossed him good."
by phaedrus66 July 7, 2006
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