feeling inattentive and very disinterested in the current environment, also weary from nothing ever happening, your spirit has died off, and the world is conspiring to bring your life to an unprecedented level of nothing to do. Followed by a "couldn't care less" attitude.
Sally, had nothing to do because everything was 1) already done 2) didn't interest her. Thus: boredom.
by brilliantlysimple June 30, 2010
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What you have, if you're looking it up.
You're only reading this because you have a severe case of boredom.
by funkymonkeycola October 28, 2009
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The definition coined by Jay and Silent Bob before stripping to the Buffalo Bill dance. Also known as the first step on the road to relapse.
"I'm fuckin' bored man. And boredom is the first step on the road to relapse."
by Chaos Sniper November 14, 2009
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Staring at the computer for hours thinking what to do.
and boredom brought me to urbandictionary.com.
I'm scrolling the mouse continuously up, down, up down.
Oh my god, this is called boredom.
by ahyan January 08, 2013
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I AM *breathe heavily* DYING *breathe heavily* OF *breathe heavily again* BOREDOM.
by HUMAN FROM EARTH February 04, 2011
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What most people reading this is suffering from ''Boredom"

This infection is easy to but hard to cure. This infection can be caused by simply a teacher teaching something you already know or by your lack of tv show recorded or by simply binge watching Bobs Burgers.

The only cure is by doing something mildly interesting like counting the nails on a wall or by playing around with siri (Or cortana if you have an Microsoft phone)

But sadly there is no medical cure so instead of being bored on your ass all day go for a job and be productive.
Mind: The verb is boredom
by ThatCunt123 December 17, 2015
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the state in which you both have nothing to do, and you are not tired. These statuses are always present, such as during the day. During the day, if you have nothing to do, and its during the day, so you arent tired, you are bored. Also, when you are just talking to friends, waiting to get tired. thats boredom too.
Me: God, im bored. theres nothing to do, and im not tired, so i cant sleep
Friend: get some sleeping pills, that will cure your boredom
by Koralyne February 15, 2010
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