A fatal disease that cause you to stare off into space, and ignore your surroundings. You go in to a trance and can be cured by doing something fun. Symptoms of boredom include: watching paint dry, watching something bake in the oven, watching the coffee maker, staring off into space of an extended amount of time, counting tiles on your bathroom floor and staring at something bright till you see pretty colours before your eyes
Matt: hey lets go to a movie
Ted: .......
Matt: dude you ok?
Ted: ....... What? when did you get here?
Matt: dude your suffering from boredom
by Jenava February 05, 2010
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a fatal syndrome which can cause someone to do something pointless and end up on weird website like urban dictionary

it was found that this syndrome can be curable but just for a short amount of time. Some of the cure that had been found working are xbox, ps, and lotsa expensive gadget but be warn that the cure only works temporarily. Sex might work too.

the one and only way to cure this syndrome forever is by jumping from 6 storey building which is painless (should be) though the curative are fully not advisable
boredom is killing me

argh i got infected by boredom, pls get me a xbox!

by boredom is killing me October 04, 2005
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feeling inattentive and very disinterested in the current environment, also weary from nothing ever happening, your spirit has died off, and the world is conspiring to bring your life to an unprecedented level of nothing to do. Followed by a "couldn't care less" attitude.
Sally, had nothing to do because everything was 1) already done 2) didn't interest her. Thus: boredom.
by brilliantlysimple June 30, 2010
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The definition coined by Jay and Silent Bob before stripping to the Buffalo Bill dance. Also known as the first step on the road to relapse.
"I'm fuckin' bored man. And boredom is the first step on the road to relapse."
by Chaos Sniper November 14, 2009
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