Boredom is an emotion you feel when you cannot find a good youtube video so you go on Urban Dictionary and make a definition of boredom until you realize no one has a care in the world of definitions which are not the top definition. People normally show they are bored by using the commonly used phrase, "Wow, this is boring," (as shown by the GIF below).
Whilst I was watching Ninja, I felt a rush of boredom because he doesn't shout, "REEEEE," so I started watching Daequan
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by Did I Get Top Definition? November 09, 2018
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Boredom is like a torture chamber. A torture chamber with no walls. A torture chamber with only a keyboard. A keyboard on which you type "qwertyuioplkjhgfdsazcvbnm."
"Oh jeez, this boredom is really wearing down on me. I seriously need something - anything - to entertain me, or I think I'll die."
by FreddyThePickle August 19, 2018
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the thing the universe has either too much, or too little of. it depends on how you look at it, as a good thing or a bad thing.
"I'm bored out of my boredom."
by LoredUmBoredom January 13, 2016
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I’m guessing you only typed this because you’re bored. Well I am too. I’m sorry you have this horrible horrible disease.
Kid: there’s nothing to do doctor.
Doctor: I’m sorry you have a horrible disease called BOREDOM.

Kid: will I die
Doctor: you might want to
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A symptom of a contagious disease that will over take the mind when under control by a unentertaining action
the teachers have created cringe to the students after seeing them dance to 24K Magic by Bruno Mars, this caused boredom to overtake their minds
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by Latin Was The First English February 26, 2017
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