Means the explosion of a liquid coming out of something. Most referred to ejaculation but can be referred to a paintball gun or watergun!
"Oh shizz! I got Booya Cream all over your face!"
by Lathia October 14, 2009
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A saying and ritual used to sell your soul to the devil. NEVER REPEAT THIS PHRASE
an example would be people some one telling you to say "booya booya vooya vooya" you saying it and them saying "I am the devils advocate and you have just sold your soul to the devil."
by TheTruthDr March 30, 2020
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exclaimation of over excitement or after accomplishing a task.
I'm totally going to graduate high school, BOOY-SHOCKA!

I beat this video game, BOOYA-SHOCKA!

by Caitlin Strange January 23, 2008
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To get top from a female with 2 large breasts, Originated in uptown harlem dipset capo status
AHHHHH!! Yea kid i got that booya da nana from that big tittied chick!
by Yurr Phil Boogey February 3, 2005
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you lay a girl down on the couch with her head hanging off. and proceed to fuck her in the mouth until her esophagus bruises. and just when your about to cum, you smack her boobs like punching bags while screaming "booya!!!!!".
i gave sally a bruising booya last night! she threw up blood from the bruising right as i was flopping her ta-ta's.
by ricky f baby January 25, 2011
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