The birth of a male child in which the testicles, before everything else, drop out of the womb. On some occasions, the newborn has been known to cry "Booya!" Derived from a well known video clip.

See also: booya
"We've got a booya birth here," said the doctor upon noticing that testicles, instead of a baby's head, were exiting the womb first.
by Horatio Hornblaster November 17, 2009
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fat hamo guys that can rap..reppin it for da hamos out there yei yei !
bro; booyas album is off da hook !! cheee hooooo my nizzle
sole; yei yei
by shush` April 16, 2005
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Better than booyah.
Stressed version: "Booya went right throughya!"
"Booyah? Naw, dude... Booya!"

Person 1: "Booya!"
Person 2: "Oh yeah? Well, Booya went right throughya!"
Person 1: "...Oh."
by Jeffrey August 28, 2003
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An extremely powerful shockwave caused by the chaining of several sonic booyas. Often used for destroying buildings, mountains and small marmots.
Wow, I bet that marmot never saw the atomic booya coming.
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what Dave Simon's stupid, Value City football jersey says.
Why the fuck is Dave wearing a football jersey that says "booya steez" on the back. That's pathetic.
by Fusy Baby December 12, 2004
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A variation on the now quaint "booya!" meaning "all right!" "hell yeah!" or "sweet!"
"I took that slammin' hottie home last night, brah."
"Booya-kasha, dude."
by fallandmiss February 24, 2007
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Means the explosion of a liquid coming out of something. Most referred to ejaculation but can be referred to a paintball gun or watergun!
"Oh shizz! I got Booya Cream all over your face!"
by Lathia October 15, 2009
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