A small furry woodland creature found in the porta-potties in Wilmore, Kentucky.
Booya, fuzzy thing! You are now scented with eau de toilette!
by Countess Gweeda. March 25, 2004
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booya: Derives from booyakasha; meaning death to all white men. Blacks would use this as an exclaimation.
Once, this would be said at almost anything.
by The Educator December 10, 2003
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girlfriend,doen't tell me you have a booya on Andy
by Cory November 10, 2003
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Balls Out of Your Ass. It is a video inwhich a well endowed black man pulls his member out of a small white womans vagina, next he pulls his balls out of the womans asshole. I think someone mudders booya after they come out.
"Yo i like was double-pentratin this hoe all by myself, when i was done it be like Booya!"
by Bennn HOWARDZ September 10, 2006
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A slang term used in porn videos.

A slang term that l33t RIT students use to recognize a good event has occured.
... cock pops out of vagina.... balls out of ass.... "BOOYA!!!!!"
by nickbooyawaringa March 24, 2004
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