another word for, "In yo face MoFo!", or "I told yo ignate ass!" It's also considered a bad catch phrase from the ninties. A lot of wangstas (wanna be gangstas) use this term not knowing it's lame affect on the person who is listening which could result in someone busting a cap in that persons ass.
Shane: I totally just banged Naomi so hard!
Maranda: You better get checked I heard she has the "goods" (ghonerhea in this case)!!!!
Shane: No she doesn't!
Maranda: Yea really she does!
Shane: FIne I'll get checked and then we'll see, I'll prove you wrong!
Maranda: whateva playa!

****2 days later****

Maranda: Well? How'd it go?
Shane: I got Ghonerhea from that SLUT!
Maranda: Boo Yaaaa mother fucker!!
( I told yo ignate ass)

Get it? Got it? GOOD!
by Omar Muhamid May 17, 2005
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Balls Out of Your Ass. It is a video inwhich a well endowed black man pulls his member out of a small white womans vagina, next he pulls his balls out of the womans asshole. I think someone mudders booya after they come out.
"Yo i like was double-pentratin this hoe all by myself, when i was done it be like Booya!"
by Bennn HOWARDZ September 10, 2006
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it's like, SHIT MAN! that's totally sweet!
person 1: i just baked a whole batch of cookies.
person 2: booya!!!
by Anonymous November 18, 2002
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An embarrassing phrase that should never be used, especially when talking to 22 year olds...because it is ancient to them and immature.
"I got a movie for us"
"Boo ya!" (wow im embarrassed for saying that, he must think i'm sooo wierd)

by immature19yearold December 16, 2010
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A term expressing joy, excitement, or triumph. An anglicised form of the Spanish word 'bulla', which is pronouced the same and means "noise or racket".
by hotpepper February 07, 2007
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A slang term used in porn videos.

A slang term that l33t RIT students use to recognize a good event has occured.
... cock pops out of vagina.... balls out of ass.... "BOOYA!!!!!"
by nickbooyawaringa March 24, 2004
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