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A term used to describe how common and intense ass will be in the area. The probability of ass and intensity are affected by 3 factors

1. Income: With lower income comes more ass and higher income comes less ass. Poor neighborhoods have more booty than rich neighborhoods.

2. Sexual activity: This is pretty obvious why. Cities and neighborhoods that have more sex will also have more ass due to that being desired during sex.

3. Predominate race: Black girls most likely to have a nice ass, hispanics are less likely, and whites are unlikely. So if the neighborhood is predominately black or hispanic, you will see more booty.
(flat girl walks by)

Boy1: That's gross, where are we?

Boy2: Were in North Dakota, this place has terrible booty geography, so get use to it

Boy1: We need to take a trip to Mississippi one year

Boy2: We will one day, trust me we will
by Optical Epilepsy April 29, 2010
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