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the punishment for the losing party in a basketball competition, such as 21, whereby the player must bend over with his hands on the pole of the basket and his backside facing the court, in order that the winning parties, standing at the top of the three-point arc, might repeatedly peg him in the backside with the basketball. Generally, the outright winner of the contest will be awarded the highest number of pegs, the second-place finisher the second-highest number, and so on. This mode of the game ensures that play will remain competitive, even for those with no hopes of actually winning, but simply trying at all costs to avoid a pegging. The term can also replace "21" and be used as the name of the game itself.
Player 1: Aiight, we playin' booty greens.
Player 2: No! Let's just play normal.
Player 1: Hell naw, bitch, it's booty greens!
Player 3: Yeaaaah, bitch! Your booty gonna be green.
Player 2: I'm just gonna go home.
by kmf January 02, 2007
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