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The desire for a person to have a “nicer,” more aesthetically pleasing booty/butt/hip area; sometimes reaching levels of clinically addictive behavior.

This is achieved by varied means including exercise, surgery (i.e. Brazillian butt lift by fat transfer, implants, injections of varied substance).

“Nicer,”/more aesthetically pleasing is subjective but often includes desire for more size, projection, proportion, shapeliness, ect., often described as “badunkadunk,” “pop,” “pow,” “back,” ect...

The “greed” often begins to develop by seeing a “nicer” booty than the observer has. The observer may then take action towards this “nicer” look via some of the methods mentioned above.

However, like greed of most anything, once one gets a “taste,” in this case having a nicer booty, the desire/greed becomes stronger.

For example, many women who have Brazillian butt lift surgery, with fat transfer and/or implants, often return for a “second round.” In some cases, even multiple “rounds.”

This desire/greed often strengthens until the individuals’ aesthetic booty goals are met. However, due to certain factors, including but not limited to, an individuals’ self perception and cultural influences (i.e. pop icons such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj who are known for their pronounced booties, and for who many find appealing), some develop an ever greater, sometime clinically addictive seemingly never ending desire/greed for more and/or a “nicer,”/more aesthetically pleasing booty.
After her first Brazillian butt lift surgery she loved the results of her nicer booty; but was in so much pain she said she would never go through such suffering again. However, after the pain subsided, and she experienced how much attention, affection, and envy her new booty brought her, she became hooked- she got “booty greed;” she wanted even more, so she went back for another round of Brazillian butt lift surgery, regardless of the pain-to her it was worth it.

Damn! Did you see that girl’s booty? She must have had it “done,” maybe even more than once! That girl caught the booty greed!

Seeing the results of her friends’ Brazillian butt lift, including the aesthetics, attention, and envy it brought her, she developed an ever stronger desire for a nicer, surgically enhanced booty. She had caught the greed-the booty greed...
by MadamEve March 03, 2018
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